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    Cyber Defense's highly experienced and accredited security and compliance specialists will be available to help you when you most need them, whether you're looking to secure a system, transfer to the cloud, or virtualise your IT architecture.

    Leading industry security specialists deliver our best-in-class security consultancy services with years of expertise, providing high-quality information advice and security management to Australia's most prominent businesses, assuring quality, reliability, and transparency.

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    Why choose us

    Our ability to imitate real-world opponents is one of our greatest assets. We think that rather than being a barrier, cybersecurity should be a facilitator of collecting and extending value in the digital economy. We know how security threats think and can imitate their tactics in a secure and regulated environment.

    We've put together an accredited specialised security team that will work directly with you to identify critical assets accurately, danger to those assets, the likelihood and adverse effect of those threats, as well as provide monetarily balanced mitigation guidance to help your organisation safeguard crucial data and systems from both potential attacks.


    Explore the benefits of our services

    Risk Aware Decision

    Improved Operational efficiency

    Reduced Costs

    Higher Quality Information and Improved Data Protection

    Security Risk assessment

    Threat Assessment

    PCI DSS Audit

    Network Security

    Cloud Security Assessment

    Security Compliance


    What Our Customers Have to Say

    Client endorsement, we feel, is the most critical indicator of a consultancy's success. So here are some of our client's comments about our services.

    • Our demands for Cybersecurity control testing were met with enthusiasm and flexibility by Cyber Defense. Additionally, they took a collaborative approach to verify that the job they were going to undertake was in line with what we required. I particularly valued the regular updates I got from the security team, which kept me informed about milestones and general timeframes. Cyber Defense's ease of use and knowledge proved to be helpful.
      Alice Gibson
    • Cyber Defense is an amazing cybersecurity consulting firm that has always been there for us on our security journey. With Cyber Defense, we've found a great cyber partner.
      Brandon Ross
    • Our business has benefited greatly from Cyber Defense, which has provided us with the information we need to keep ahead of new threats. In addition, Cyber Defense's specialists were always competent and went above and beyond our expectations.
      Jennifer Lee


    Cyber Defense is delighted to collaborate with a few of Australia's most famous businesses as a fast-expanding cybersecurity consultancy. The following entities are some of our essential partners: